Studying in an Irish High School and living with an Irish Host family is an excellent way to improve language fluency. Our Academic School students attend Irish  Primary and Secondary Schools  in the South-East region for an academic term or the full school year.

These schools are maintained by the Irish State, and offer the official curriculum of The Irish Department of Education and Skills. Students wear the uniform of the placement school  and study with the appropriate school books. The Irish educational system offers a broad range of academic subjects in science, technology and the arts. Students can choose the subjects they would like to study and are expected to participate in the extracurricular activities that the school has to offer. They are treated like every other student and are expected to abide by the same school rules as fellow Irish students. 

Students  live with carefully chosen Irish host families in the vicinity of the school attended and are treated as another member of the family in every respect.

Student Welfare:

We provide a fully comprehensive Guardianship Service for the duration of the students stay. Students receive regular visits from our staff and can contact them at any time of the day or night for any reason. We monitor their school progress and act as  liaison between host families and teachers. Parents are kept informed about their academic progress and general welfare at all times and Reports are sent regularly throughout the year.

            Academic Programmes Include:


                                                             Full board with suitable host family

                                                                 All school Textbooks.​

                                                                 School and sports uniform (excluding shoes, runners or football boots).

                                                                 Irish school reports and  documentation. 

                                                                 Full Guardianship Services.

                                                                 Arrival and Departure Airport transfers.

                                                                 The Einstein 2 Host family guarantee.​


ACELS Accreditation since 2006

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Office    : Seaview House, Church Hill,                         Wicklow Town, Co., Wicklow

Gorey    : Gorey Community School,                             Esmonde Street, Gorey,                               Co.,Wexford 

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